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Blog for October

Posted on 1 November, 2021 at 5:55

Blog for October


Greetings party people, it’s the end of October so time to see where Ted has been and what he’s got to gripe about this month.


So after recovering from Covid, I have had pretty slow start to the month with a week at Witney running an Inspect and Test course followed up by short courses at Bristol, Cardiff and Waltham Abbey before returning to Witney for an 18th Edition course.


Kids are funny aren’t they! They love scary things like dinosaurs and of course Halloween. I remember Halloween dinners when our kids were young with sausages in tomato sauce (fingers in blood) and suchlike.


Child psychologists would probably say we damaged our kids mentally. But they seemed to enjoy it and have grown into fairly well-balanced adults. These are probably the same psychologists who say we should let the trouble-making kids in class run around bullying and smashing other students work up.


I remember a kid from my class in secondary school who was always causing trouble and fights. I can’t remember him actually doing anything to me but the atmosphere created by this kid was awful. Apart from teaching us a whole new vocabulary in foul language, he put the whole class on edge as we never knew when he would kick off. He has since appeared on Facebook asking for friends but I just can’t forgive him for making our schooldays so bloody miserable.


Talking about been miserable, you can’t help but notice how many crises we are living through right now:

“The Climate Emergency”

“Waste Food Crisis”

“Fuel Crisis”

“Supply Crisis”

“Energy Crisis”

And many more.



If you believed everything you saw on the news you’d be a nervous wreck, the thing all these have in common is they are all blown out of proportion and exaggerated by a manipulative and anti-establishment media that have not escaped the politics of the JCR at uni. They are also aided and abetted organisations who climb onto bandwagons for profit or to cover ineptitude.


No wonder so many young people are committing suicide, the heartless bastards who peddle their stupid theories should let children have a childhood.


If you want a conspiracy theory there are multiple possibilities at the moment and if you want to sell something just get “Eco” in the title or drop in “Sustainable” and “Green”.


As my regular readers will know I do enjoy a little scenario, so lets try eavesdropping on a very short meeting between the EV car producing manufacturers and their Publicists/Advertisers:


Manufacturers – We have called this meeting today as EV sales are not ramping up anywhere near our expected targets. We want to know what you can do to boost sales?


Publicists – Leave it to us…


Sky News/BBC the next day – “Petrol Shortage at the Pumps”


I reckon in the UK we are about the same as the States, in what I call a 50/50 population. And by that I reckon that 50% of the population are quite smart and the remainder are, well, not so smart (and remember, a high IQ doesn’t necessarily mean smart).


And I like the TV ads for “Give £5 a week to save a tree/animal” where the CEO is on £200K a year. Do you remember the woman who committed suicide because she had been targeted by “Charity” telesales people (all on bonus) as a “soft touch” and couldn’t keep up with the payments?


I saw a product in the supermarket the other day that claimed to save the world’s oceans by having the consumer add water to it at home! I don’t think I have ever seen so many lemmings.


What worries me is how a large proportion of a population can be so easily taken in. People like this scare me, they are won over by unproven theories backed up with false data (a common line spouted is “Research indicates”. The same thing happened in 1930’s Germany.


Changing tack slightly, hands up if you’re fed up with protesters. Blocking motorways and airports – who do they hurt? The common working person who is trying to get to work or have a break from being at work that’s who.


No matter what they are campaigning for, we are not interested, and they will not have our support. It just goes to show that they are mostly upper-class types who have no respect for working class people. I can’t understand why motorists actually stop for these loonies, one of them will get seriously hurt one day.


And if “Extinction Rebellion” are true to their aims, why don’t they go to Wuhan and see how far they get there by blocking the road?


Anyway, I suppose I’d better do some electrical stuff to show willing. So getting back to more technical details, and if you’re an installation Sparky, here’s a little bit of advice to simplify the basics of Earth Loop Impedance testing and Zs readings:

• The values we LIVE TEST to are in Tables A1 to A4 of GN3 NOT BS7671.

• Appendix “A” in GN3 Table A6 gives factors to correct LIVE EL Readings NOT DEAD circuits.

• Appendix “B” of GN3 gives figures for RESISTANCE of DEAD conductors only and along with Tables B2 and B3 to correct for ambient and conductor temperatures and may be used to check resistance of dead circuits or (if used in conjunction with a known Ze) be used to calculate an ANTICPATED Zs.


Now, that wasn’t too difficult was it? There are some strange “examples” of calculations shown just after Appendix “A” in GN3 but please don’t get caught up in these. They are very poorly explained and I think they were constructed by people who have nothing better to do than mangle equations, so don’t let yourself get confused by them. Sometimes in this job you have to be able to cut through the crap.



My “Person of Merit” this month is an old chum of mine Doug Whiting, I met Doug many years ago when I was wiring cryogenic control systems and he was constructing, wiring and testing a range of High-Tech equipment, working at the leading edge of technology. I never told him this at the time, so I’m making it known now: Dougie’s work was second to none. His skill and professionalism was, and remains, above First Class. I don’t think I’m allowed to say where he’s working now so I won’t. Suffice to say, they have the cream of the cream working for them.


Well that’s my blog for October done and dusted, so in the words of the great Billy Ocean “When the going gets tough – The stuffed get going” or something like that!


My next blog (for November) will actually be my Christmas blog, so be sure to tune in for some Christmas Cheer (and none of that “Happy Holidays” BS either).


Until we meet again, Happy Trails, Folks.






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