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Blog for May

Posted on 6 June, 2020 at 11:03

Well howdy doody folks,

I hope you are all well, these are dangerous times we live through.

So that’s May done and dusted and completes about ten weeks of self-isolation now. Consequentially, our house and garden are now in tip-top condition. The bloody Chinese have made sure that I have caught up with all the jobs I have been putting off for a long time. I have even finished patching up our drive. All that remains is for me to send my invoice to the Bio-Weapons Research Establishment , Wuhan. PS: Put some proper Control Measures in place next time guys.

Talking about the month of May, there seem to have been some really nice people born in this month. For starters my beautiful daughter, Emma-Louise. Along with my cousin Debbie, several chums of mine and others spring to mind. 

So, why should May be such a popular birth month? September/October must be an inspirational time!

Codes are good fun aren’t they! Some are easy and others are quite fiendish or concealed in microdots. How about this for hidden in plain sight:

This is a message hidden in Wingdings, simply change the font to normal to see the message. This could be concealed in a document in many ways, such as being used as a decorative edge on an invitation. I shall probably weave this into the plot of my next novel (Ernie Wise style).

Thinking of codes and suchlike, the humble electrician does very often get caught up in covert activities. For a large part of my working life I was involved in the installation and maintenance of security systems and have seen some pretty eye-opening stuff. However, I am still bound by the Official Secrets Acts, so that’s about as much as I can tell you. 

One thing I can tell you is that I detest corruption, I’ve seen plenty of this going on in Facilities and Maintenance departments and was always revolted by it. Corruption means that prices for work are overpriced and accompanied by shoddy workmanship. If you start work at an organisation and there are people there who take an instant, uncalled for, dislike to you it’s a good indication that a corrupt network is in place.

For anybody stepping up from on the tools to a management position I strongly advise you not to succumb to the temptation of corruption from contractors. Once you have committed you will be forever in their pocket. I never fell into this trap, and at times made myself unpopular for not being “one of the lads”. At least my conscience is clear in that respect.

I’m not particularly bound by any advertising protocols and I do like to be fair, but I must confess to a high regard for TLC electrical supplies. I like their website that is easy to use and quite informative. What I probably like most of all though is the price in the book/website is the price you pay. I hate wholesalers that never charge the same price and changing the prices each time you go in. In my experience this is usually a sign of fiddling by the counter staff, a touch of corruption again. So TLC, I take my hat off to you for being straight. I also saw some interesting stuff on their website like a Tails/Incomer isolating switch with built in SPD! Now that could really be a problem solver for a few contractors. I also spotted an external 13A SSO with a built in Wi-Fi booster that I suspect will end up replacing one of my existing outside sockets.

Before I go, I must put forward an old mate of mine, Mr Mark Pipkin for this month’s “Person of Merit” award. I first came into contact with Mark when we were both working in maintenance for a local company. Mark had been in the building and plumbing field for quite some time but never had any formal qualifications, so he set about acquiring them and after several years got the qualifications to further help him on his way. I always admire people who have the guts to set a goal and achieve it so that puts him well up in my book. He also as straight as the day is long and a very easy going character. We worked together again at Queens College and once more made a great team. He is the original family man and one of his favourite pursuits is driving down to the south of France every year. We meet up occasionally to compare notes on driving down to France/Spain and I am very pleased to count him as a friend. I hope we can get back together for another chinwag before too long.

Talking of which, another one of my favourite things is eating under my pergola with my family on a summer evening. Lets hope we can return to normal service sooner rather than later.


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