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Blog for April

Posted on 11 May, 2022 at 8:20 Comments comments (1)

Ok pop-pickers, so where has Ted been this month?


How about Alicante, Messina (Sicily), Athens, Santorini, Katakolo, Corfu and Gibraltar?


Yes, it was time for a little R&R with my commanding officer (otherwise known as my good lady wife and best friend Joanne). On this adventure we went cruising round the Med and Greek islands


We really like this type of holiday as it requires minimum effort and we get to visit places we never had ...

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Blog for March

Posted on 4 April, 2022 at 5:00 Comments comments (2)

Well shiver me timbers, we are now one-quarter of the way through 2022.

And by now, my regular readers will have recognised this isn’t just a record of my events of the month but a reflection of my views on Life the Universe and Everything. So put the kettle on, make a cup of tea and put your feet up. Enter my world for just a short while and relax, I hope I might even make you smile for a while…

So where has Ted been this month? let...

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Blog for February

Posted on 2 March, 2022 at 11:55 Comments comments (2)

Blog for February

Well here we are again folks, it must be the end of February so here is my report for the month named after the roman god of purification, Februa.

See, you get entertainment, engineering and culture when you visit my page!

So where has Ted been this month? As it happens, I can’t always reveal locations if I check in on social media due to commercial confidentiality. As I state elsewhere on my website I respect dis...

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Blog for January 22

Posted on 5 February, 2022 at 0:20 Comments comments (2)

Blog for January


Ok folks, eyes down and look in, time to sit back with a cup of something and take five minutes out with my blog.


I don’t know about you but most normal, working class people are sick to the teeth of hearing about parties at Downing Street. The only people that are interested is an anti-establishment media class (indoctrinated at Uni) trying to bring down a government. And that’s the best they can throw at it? Office parties i...

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Blog for December

Posted on 3 January, 2022 at 0:15 Comments comments (6)

Blog for December

Well what do you know folks, if its my report for December it must 2022!

Where did I go in December: Taunton, Clevedon, Cheltenham, Coventry, Witney, Chesham and Ilkeston, the remainder of that time spent with family and friends.

My resolutions for this year are pretty much the same as last year and all things considered, I didn’t do too bad.

As much as I enjoy the run-up to Christmas, I...

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Blog for November

Posted on 5 December, 2021 at 0:05 Comments comments (20)

Well Hi de hi and here we are again.

So where has Ted been this month? Lets see; Waterlooville, Wadhurst, Oxted, Carmarthen, Taunton (twice), Coventry (twice), Ross on Wye, Gloucester, Bath, Cleveden and Cheltenham.

I hope all you sparkies have been good all year as we are now just days away from what Chevvy Chase describes as when Santa “squeezes his fat white ass down the chimney”.

Now I know I’ve said it before but i...

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Blog for October

Posted on 1 November, 2021 at 5:55 Comments comments (0)

Blog for October


Greetings party people, it’s the end of October so time to see where Ted has been and what he’s got to gripe about this month.


So after recovering from Covid, I have had pretty slow start to the month with a week at Witney running an Inspect and Test course followed up by short courses at Bristol, Cardiff and Waltham Abbey before returning to Witney for an 18th Edition course.


Kids are funny aren’t the...

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Blog for September

Posted on 2 October, 2021 at 7:00 Comments comments (67)

So where has Ted been this Month?

Well, caught Covid so that put the hat on any travels for Mrs Barrett’s boy for a while.

Changing tack for a mo’ Rick Stein is an old TV favourite of mine, I can’t say I’m a fan of all the dishes he presents but I like his style as he is neither arrogant or rude (unlike many other TV Cooks). I’m also interested in the places that he visits and the people he meets along the way. I just wish that...

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Blog for August

Posted on 1 September, 2021 at 7:00 Comments comments (1)

Well then chums, that’s another month gone by as our orbit takes us in the UK a tad further from the sun than during the summer months. This generally means it get colder here and rains more than it rains during the summer, only difference is during a British summer when it does stop raining long enough it becomes blisteringly hot as there is no breeze unless you live by the coast.

So where has Ted been this month? My adventures started off with Greenwich followed by T...

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Blog for July

Posted on 1 August, 2021 at 6:50 Comments comments (2)

Greetings pop-pickers, welcome to another action-packed report filled to the seams of my moans, groans and nutty opinions. Talking of moans and groans, when I was a young man the buzzword was “the great smell of Brut”. If you get a few of my chums together today, you’re more likely talking about the great smell of Voltarol.

So where has Ted been in July? Well, it was return to Witney for another Inspect & Test course, then on to Alton in Hampshire and B...

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